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Testimonials/What Clients Say

"Howie is a pro's pro. He has an eagle's eye for style points, offers solid recommendations for editorial adjustments and is always on schedule for meeting deadlines. He's written stories, edited stories and been responsible for final proofing of the entire magazine. He is the person I ask to edit my own writing when I have an important assignment."

"Howie taught me how to write in English. Since I am Dutch, this was no small accomplishment. I recommend The Howie Sann Experience for anyone interested in obtaining a publishable manuscript. ... I think of you a lot, Howie, and of what you taught me. You are a gift that keeps on giving."

"A bright and articulate professional who is very passionate about his work. Howard is a creative wordsmith. His ability to communicate a clear and focused message is a hallmark in the work Victory Ink produces. Dependable, reliable and always on time makes working with Howard and company both easy and pleasurable."

"Invariably, whenever I recommend that a friend or colleague would be wise to hire Victory Ink for any writing and editing work, I find myself reaching for some tired, hackneyed sports analogy to describe the quality of the work of Howie Sann. He is the Willie Mays of words: The classic triple threat a writer who delivers consistently just the right punch, the right style; a surgically precise editorial technician; an artist with startling intuition and a rare gift for understanding the heart and soul of any project he undertakes.

When Howie's done, you'll likely be surprised not just by the fine details of his work, but also by the presence of something new and unexpected, the thing that was missing that you never would have found without him. I know it all sounds like hyperbole, but it's not. Howie is the real deal. Check out his work. Whether you need Howie to start your project from scratch or improve on the work you've already done, I know that you'll count hiring Howie Sann among the best professional decisions you've ever made."

"You may think you are conveying a clear message with your thoughts and what you write BUT they do not become crystal clear until Howie sets his eyes, pen and years of experience behind them. He forces you to examine your words from every angle and poses questions that allow you to see them from a different perspective. Howie truly gets the 'last word' in but it is right every time and the message is perfect."

"What can you say about Howie? He's so good he even makes fuel tanks seem glamorous! Besides that, he's a perfectionist; a good thing to have when it absolutely, positively has to be written right. When we embarked on the task of completely revising and rebuilding our website, Howie was a life saver-literally. The site was on the brink of something drastic when our Web guru suggested Howie. Overnight my sanity was restored, the work was getting done on schedule, and the sun had broken through the clouds. Howie put together a dynamite site that really helped put us on the map. Whenever Howie told me he was going to do something, it was done! I am more than happy to recommend Howie Sann for any project you may have. He is a most extraordinarily skilled and talented writer. Even more importantly, he has proven to be honest, dependable and a valued ally."

"I highly recommend Howard Sann of Victory Ink, a wordsmith who will turn dissonance into melody. Howie gave a clear voice to our company: He encapsulated our message and wrote the words that help turn the readers of our brochures into customers."

"Every time I've worked with Howie (two books, countless brochures and sales letters), he always gets it right. Every word belongs where it is, every idea is communicated as clearly as possible, and it always holds together ... all because of Howie's unending commitment to crafting the best that can be achieved."

"With words, Howie is an artist and a builder with a magnificent gift for clarity and persuasion."